Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Few Updates

We have an appointment to meet with a cardiothoracic surgeon tomorrow. This is the doc who would do the surgery to move the artery off of his trachea. After much discussion among many great docs, the feeling is that doing the surgery is the best option, and even though it may not solve the problem, doing nothing is more detrimental to his health. We have to try because the best case scenario is that this will help.

Naturally, the appointment got scheduled at exactly the same time Ella was scheduled to get her cast off. We were able to get a later appointment for Ella so that everyone's needs are met. I think we will probably be scheduling a surgery before we leave there tomorrow.

Lily finally sleeps past 5am. The first day she did it we had to wake her up to go to Drew's doc appointment. The past 2 days she got up at 7:30. That would be awesome if Ella hadn't start waking up at 6am.

In other baby-related news, making my own babyfood has thus far proven to be reasonably easy. The babies only eat about 1 cube a day right now so I don't have to have a ton on hand. I've made squash, sweet potato, green beans, carrots and peaches. They've only had sweet potato and squash but seem to take them alright. After I go grocery shopping I'm going to try making some more fruits. Its not hard to do and its really not terribly time consuming.

Ill try to post an update on Drew after tomorrow's appointment. Cross your fingers that Ella's leg is healed and we don't need another cast!

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  1. glad the babyfood making is going well! I was suprised how easy it was too!!