Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What what?! You guys ROCK!

We have teams doing the GREAT STRIDES walk for CF in 5 (i said FIVE) cities! We have John Moore in New London, CT, Kate Keeley in Philadelphia, Mike Moore in Charleston, SC, Maureen Ballard in Honolulu, HI and us here in Cincinnati. THAT ROCKS! As a national team, we have a goal of $7500. We are currently at $5745. THAT ROCKS TOO! I'm pretty sure we are going to blow this out of the water.

We just started our fundraising efforts within the past few weeks. The support we have received is incredible, both from our families and friends who will be walking as well as all of the donors. You have touched our lives in a way that you cannot imagine. The one this matters most to cannot personally thank you...yet. But he will. When a cure is found, when he doesn't have to take all of these meds, when he doesn't have to spend an hour of his day doing airway clearance, he will thank you, and we will forever be in debt to you for saving our son's life.

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  1. Add another $100 to that team goal (and has been met) for Emory & I! We are walking with Kate in 2 weeks!